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TransCamp for Children and Youth

All kids need a safe place where they can feel honored, celebrated, and affirmed. The world can be a tough place for trans, gender-expansive and/or non-binary children and youth. They need space where they can dream, create, express, wonder, experience their own beauty, power, and purpose, meet trans adults who model possibilities and potential, and know they belong.

TransCamp aims to be a kind of blanket fort - “a soft place in a hard world.”

TransCamp will be a day-camp offered in the Summer of 2019 for one week. Created and led primarily by trans folk from the church and wider community including input from trans youth, it is supported by community partners, church staff, and trained congregation members. Camp supports our young leaders by offering them the space they crave, and gifted, qualified, and experienced adults to help them hold that space.

Adult leaders will include trans/non-binary folks who are artists, community activists, healers, educators, dreamers, builders, protectors, and advocates. They constitute what we call “possibility models” – adults who can model a wide range of identities, expressions, possibilities, choices, and gifts for young people in a culture that offers few options for how to live life with fullness, health, justice, and self-care.

Evening programming will include opportunities for community-building, workshops, a concert/gallery, and groups for parents and family members. TransCamp is an extension of a congregational commitment to year-round programming and opportunities for community-building, workshops, playshops, and other gatherings for trans adults, youth, and their families.

While it will not provide religious education, it will be spirit-affirming and spirit-honoring, respecting and supporting children's own faith or secular backgrounds. Believing that all are sacred and made in the image of God, we join our congregational commitment to children and youth with our Reconciling, Open and Affirming proclamation and our Antiracism mandate to create and hold space for some of the most vulnerable, brave, and creative young leaders in our midst.

TransCamp is part of a larger series of year-round pilot programming and opportunities for community-building, workshops, playshops, and other gatherings for trans adults, youth, and their families.

If you are interested in camp for yourself or someone in your family, or are interested in supporting this program, please contact us at seniorpastor@gmail.comor 215-242-9321 and we will be happy to talk with you. To support this program financially, send a check to Chestnut Hill United Church/TransCamp, 8812 Germantown Avenue, Philadelphia PA 19118 or give online here at (Choose Outreach – TransCamp).