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TransCamp for Children and Youth

All kids need a safe place where they can feel honored, celebrated, and affirmed. The world can be a tough place for genderfree, genderexpansive and/or non-binary children and youth. We seek to create a soft space for kids in a hard world - a kind of "blanket fort" where kids can dream, create, express, wonder, and experience their own beauty, power, and purpose.

TransCamp will be a day-camp offered in the Summer of 2018 for one week. It will be created and led by trans folk from this congregation and the wider community with the support of trained congregants. While it will not provide religious education, it will be spirit-affirming and spirit-honoring, respecting and supporting children's own faith or secular backgrounds.

If you are interested in camp for your child, or are interested in supporting this program, please contact our office at chestnuthillunited@gmail.com or 215-242-9321 and we will be happy to talk with you.