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Service Times & What to Expect

  • Worship: 11:00 AM
  • Infant/Toddler Care: During worship
  • Sunday School for Kindergarten through Fifth Grade: Following Our Time with Children


It’s not easy visiting somewhere for the first time. Especially a church! Where to park? Can I bring my coffee along? (Absolutely!) Can I come as I am? (We hope you will. We do.)

Parking and entrance

We have a small parking lot, with an entrance alongside the white house adjacent to the church (there are signs). There is street parking on Germantown Avenue in front of the church on Sundays. The entrance is at the two sets of red doors - one is ramped and one has steps.

What you’ll see when you enter

We worship in the round - the pews are arranged in four quadrants all facing the center. We may baptize a child in the center, dancers may fill the space as they bring in the Advent wreath, the bread and cup are placed in the center during communion. During our annual “Blessing of the Animals” Sunday (the first Sunday in October), you may find dogs and cats and guinea pigs and hermit crabs waiting in line to be blessed. All kinds of things happen in our midst!

Clothes, coffee, shoes, knitting, etc.

We come to reflect, explore, question, worship, celebrate, share, learn and journey. Some of us look pretty spiffy. Some of us come in our jeans or shorts (and still look spiffy!). One of our kids came for three months in pajamas. Don’t be surprised if you see someone in barefeet. (Moses said something about taking off shoes and sacred ground.)

Lots of us bring in our coffee or snacks. Some weeks our teens will be selling Fair Trade coffee and tea - we hope you’ll get some and bring it into the sanctuary with you. If you like to knit or craft or doodle during worship, you will be in good company! We have a whole pew full of knitters (but feel free to sit wherever you like!)


We love our kids. We don’t just tolerate their presence - we welcome and celebrate it! It's not uncommon for a child to ask a question or sit at the preacher's feet in the middle of a sermon! We are happy to have infants and toddlers in our midst - cooing and singing and squirming and exploring. And we’re also happy for you to settle them into our supervised childcare space while you worship - it’s up to you. We begin each worship with our children and one of the pastors spends time talking with them before they head to their Sunday School classes or childcare. Our children have something to learn from the church, it’s true. And we have so much to learn from them. See our page on our Education program for more about the role of kids in our community.


In the spirit of Jesus, who shared a meal with the ones he loved, we celebrate Communion once a month - usually on the last Sunday of each month. It is an open table - all are welcome. And we mean all. We form circles of 10 - 12 people in the center of the room (and will bring communion to anyone in the pew who is unable to come forward). We pass the bread to one another. The cup is brought to each person - it is grape juice - and we dip the bread in the cup. Because we don’t all move to take communion at once, it is never clear who is taking communion and who is not - we want people to feel comfortable either way. Every year or so the pastors gather our younger school-aged children for a Communion Preparation class so they have a better understanding of what we do and why.


Our sanctuary is wheelchair-accessible, the entrance to the building is ramped and we have handicap-accessible parking spaces in our lot. We have one accessible restroom in the church house attached to the parking lot and next to the sanctuary.

Our services are amplified. We look forward to having individual amplification devices, but do not have them at this time.

No matter who you are, or where you are on life’s journey - You’re welcome here!