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Seeing race in ourselves and our world

News for 05.05.17
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Our Antiracism committee is sponsoring an Adult Study program that will begin this Sunday, May 7, and run through the end of the current program year, June 18. You are invited to participate in this important set of discussions that are designed to help us see our world, and ourselves, in a different way.
Have you ever wondered about these things?
  • What is race? Do I even have it?
  • What is this "white privilege" thing I keep hearing about?
  • Are microaggressions as tasty and nutrient-rich as microgreens? (No. No, they are not.)
This Adult Study series will begin with a conversation that introduces us to some important terms, helps orient us to the rest of the study, and invites us to begin reflecting on our own experiences of learning and doing race. The next several weeks will allow us to engage with several spiritual autobiographies that are told through the lens of race. Through considering these, we will begin to ask important questions and investigate our own experiences in similar ways.
We hope you can join us. Adult Study will begin at 9:30. Childcare is available.