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Remember Me: Funerals, Memorial Services, and Marking the End of Life in a Rapidly Changing Culture

News for 04.17.17
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What does it mean to die in America these days? Rituals around funerals and memorial services have changed faster and more dramatically than any other aspect of our church tradition in the last several decades. What was once a fairly standard set of responses and practices when people died is now in major flux.

Our increasingly religiously-diverse, pluralistic, and changing culture has led to new practices, new questions, exciting possibilities, and loads of anxiety when it comes to thinking about and navigating death when it happens to ourselves and people we love. 

What are people who are not part of a faith community doing? What is happening with church funerals and memorial services now? What are our options? How can we celebrate the life of a person who has died in meaningful ways? What are funerals like around the world, and what in the world do we want for ourselves and our loved ones?

This two-part Adult Study series will explore death practices and rituals around the world, examine current trends in our own culture, and invite conversation about our own values, hopes, and imaginations are about facing, ultimately, into our own death and that of those closest to us.

This series will take place on April 23 and 30. Adult Study meets at 9:30 am. Childcare is available.