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Children & Youth

Our Children's Curriculum: Sunday School


We are crazy about our kids! They are central participants in worship and their voices, questions and needs are honored and respected. Each Sunday our children begin with us in worship. Our curriculum communicates our belief that we are each created in the image of God and that all of us have something to contribute to a fuller understanding of God and faith.

It also reflects our commitment to diversity, inclusion of all people, and antiracism. A highlight of our worship is "Our Time with Children", when the kids sit on the steps with a pastor and talk. It's not the tired "object lesson" of days gone by, though! Often the kids steer the direction of conversation, leading us all into interesting and thoughtful places. We don't use this time to exploit their "cute factor," but engage in honest and age-appropriate dialogue.

Following this time, infants and toddlers go to childcare and kindergarten through 5th graders go to their Sunday School class, which allows them to participate in engaging lessons that follow along with some of the same Bible readings that we're looking at in worship.

Youth Group


We love our youth.  Their gifts, their questions, their postions and commitments make us all better people.  We have youth group leaders that meet with them for conversation, community-building, service and reflection.  They spend some time in worship, some time together as a group.  Some Sundays they hang out at the local coffee shop, talking together.  Other Sundays they meet with a member of the congregation to hear different life experiences, or meet with a pastor to talk about the Bible, reflect on a current social event or make a video on their experiences of God's light revealed in the world.  Some weeks they stay in worship through the sermon, then scuttle off to talk together about what they heard.